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Day 3 completes the Installation

A little behind reporting on day 3 but that's the way it goes. To connect an Okidata 320 Turbo we are were going to use an HP 170x print server. It threw a few wrinkles. To allow for it's lack of 10/100 connection we used a 10/100 hub. We could now ping the default address but it wasn't on the same network as we want to use so we had to configure it's IP address. We found that it would only talk to a Windows version of Internet Explorer. Fun, fun, fun. We ultimately downloaded an evaluation of CrossOver for Mac, which we will purchase a license for just in case needed in future. We decided on CrossOver because it included the Wine windows emulation, I.e. no actual Windows OS needed. We then downloaded and installed Internet Explorer and the Java VM and we were set to go. We could now manage the print server. All we did is assign an IP that matched our own LAN.

Next we had to configure/install the printer driver which took a little time, but once the drivers were found it turned into a piece of cake.

All ready to do. We doing some software updates and then we'll be all set to jump off and into the Mac world for real.