Tracker FAQ's

  • General Tracker Questions & Answers
  • Where is the User Manual
    The User Manual is available at the Tracker website. Tracker has evolved over the years and continues to evolve as features are added and existing features enhanced. To assure that the latest information is always available we have gone away from a printed user manual. If you prefer a printed version you can print the complete online manual or just specific sections or pages. Back to top
  • Mac OS X related Frequently Asked Questions
  • What Macs is Tracker available for
    The Tracker Software is currently available for Intel Macs, any model. We recommend at least 4 gigabytes of memory. While an Intel Mac is needed to run the Tracker Application itself, a Power PC based Mac can be used to access the Tracker Application as a remote workstation. Back to top
  • How to set up the Terminal Application to close when a Tracker application is closed.

    Open the Terminal Application and from the Terminal drop-down menu select Window Settings.
    The Terminal Inspector dialog will open.
    Select Shell from the menu and then click the Close only if the shell exited cleanly radio button as shown in the image.

    Click the Use Settings as Defaults button and when you next open a Tracker window it will close when you exit the application running in the window.

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  • How can I reset the Terminal Application to its default settings
    Use the Finder to browse to the Library folder in your Home folder and then open the Preferences folder. Find the file and move it to the Trash. Next time you run Terminal a new plist file will be created with Terminal default settings. Back to top