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About Tracker and Byte Designs

Byte Designs is a Canadian Company located near Vancouver, British Columbia that's been in business since 1987. You may notice some language flavouring that favours either British or American English. Tracker can be configured for either during installation but this documentation may use either interchangeably. Please don't be offended if it's not your particular preference as no offence is intended. Some differences you may encounter are o and ou in words such as Labor/Labour and Color/Colour.

Tracker Overview

Byte Designs Tracker is written in 'C' and compiled as a native 32bit application whether running on Microsoft or UNIX. Some differences have to be considered during the installation, depending on what platform Tracker is to reside on, but actual features and behaviour is the same regardless of platform.

About this Tracker 2006 User Guide

We all know that user documentation usually plays second fiddle to the main act, Tracker itself. With this online Tracker 2006 User Guide we will be trying to rectify that situation by updating this User Guide on an ongoing basis. This means that it will be a continous work in progress.

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