Day 2 of a new Tracker for Mac install via the Internet | Byte Designs' Tracker.Net

Day 2 of a new Tracker for Mac install via the Internet

Actually it's not just a Tracker for Mac install but rather assisting to get a new Tracker Server up from scratch. This particular system consists of the Mac Pro, a SonicWall for firewall and anti-virus and HP print servers to connect the dot-matrix Okidata's to the network.

Day 2 would be spent getting the firewall configured so that access would be limited to Byte Designs' IP addresses. Initially it was tried/hoped that we could configure one IP direct to the Mac and another to the SonicWall. It should be possible, but we couldn't make it fly. Ended up that we used one of the 5 static IP's the customer got with his Internet service was used for the SonicWall, which was configured with NAT via the extra Ethernet port. Once done we pulled the plug on the Hughes Net modem --> Mac connection and gave the Mac's Ethernet port the NAT IP we configured the SoniWall firewall access rules for. Once we had only the one ethernet connected everything worked as needed and the Mac was now protected. Only the services needed were allowed through the SonicWall and only from our (Byte Designs') IP.

One of the reasons why we recommend the SonicWall is that it serves as a Gateway to the Local Network, protecting all PC's against viruses and intrusions. Virus signature updates are done automatically by the SonicWall without user intervention. It is perhaps not the cheapest solution but one of the most reliable.

End of Day 2. The Mac is now behind the firewall allowing only Byte Designs inbound access. Outbound Internet access is unimpeded.